I-waves, handles several outsourcing projects and we provide such as required to other businesses and companies around the entire world.

Best Price

We have the best price for outsourcing your human resources in technical fields, and once you need to hire a developer, tester, or a designer - amongst others, we will guarantee the provision of your needs.

Human Resources

I-Waves have a human resources system which will balance between your needs as a management and their entitlements and tasks and ensure them accuracy according to governmental roles and rules. We will ensure the human resources meet the exact qualification and skills you require.

Follow Up

We will help you follow up on your project management by providing only the best facilities to contact with your options here and follow up with them.

Projects Management

I-Waves Projects Management will introduce periodic reports to keep you in touch about your resources. We have awesome project management here which can guarantee you that you will get the best return by managing their work process.

Why outsource to I-Waves?

We have the best producers in Project management & Human Resources Management.

I-waves has its own resources which ensures qualified human resources provision in all technology fields.

I-Waves is highly experienced in outsourcing and that’s because we have customers who fully trust and patronize us.

Offered price will be simply amazing according to your needs which will create to you a very big competitive benefit when you are reducing your project cost.

Once you delegate your human resources management to I-waves, this means you choose structured ways to contact with your resources and achieve your goals in very quick and timely manner and also reduce your cost.

Structured connection between you and I-waves management and your resources will protect you from headaches which happen certain times due to team management.


I-Wave hates barriers and so decided not to rest on any limit of serving clients and thus we utilize our location in Egypt which is the medial of MENA region to serve you.

If your project is developed to be implemented in MENA region, we will never stop at providing you the best of development and designing of your application, but also show you ways to market it.

With I-Wave, you get the best of service and because we work with our sister companies who are qualified in business marketing, planning and designs, you are guaranteed to gain the best revenue from this profitable market.



I-Waves have done projects for several other companies. And even though these projects were managed as freelancing or outsourcing, at the end it was an awesome experience for all sides as the resulting outcome was generation of high quality products, improving our project management experience and amazing cost management.

Due to huge success rates at this, I-Waves decided to move on and then accept more of freelancing projects using its experience in project management, infrastructure resources, qualified human resources and our amazing experience in building crazy products using our passion in this field.

I-waves have good experience in various dynamic Application developments for corporations and businesses.

I-Waves is very accurate because our motto is "your deadline is ours", so we will work on it as best as we can and we will never miss on it.

I-Waves have one of the best quality management which works on very strong procedures in testing to ensure the lowest amount of bugs you may find.

I-Waves project management is qualified enough to set adapted working hours for any project according to usage of technology and project requirements.

We will provide you the best hour ratio according to usage of technology summarized in awesome final project pricing - to reduce your project cost.

When you freelance to I-Waves, you freelance your project to a team loaded with all the combination of qualified resources and team management, and you wouldn’t have need to worry anymore about quality.

I-Waves writes highly structured codes and we organize highly clear documentation for everything and for every line of code, thus no worries as you can continue with any other service provider or you can continue with your own human resources.

I-Waves has worked for different corporations in different cultures besides that we have the knowhow of the MENA region market in everything from the best UI & UX to Languages. So if your project will work in this region - we will be your breakthrough path to the easiest entrance.

Our Process

Our work steps !














Offering optimal IT solutions to businesses and companies requires one to have an in-depth knowledge of all necessary requirements. With many years of experience to its belt, IWaves has been in the business of providing cutting edge technology to her numerous clients spread all across the world.

Our team of designers and developers are one of the best. Though their expertise, we have been able to provide cutting edge technological solutions to our clients within and without the Unites States.


We design, develop, and build some of our software on Microsoft.NET framework. Other programming language we use include .ASP, .WPF and so much more

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Open Source Technologies

No matter what your needs may be, our team of experts can meet them all. Whether it is the development of CRM or IVR technologies, or monitoring an open network, we are equal to the task.

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Mobile Technologies

No matter how complex a mobile app may be our army of programmers and designers can create such an app in the shortest possible time.

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We looking forward collecting the best human resources in various fields according to our customers’ needs, and we then engage these to make sure that all our service & products meets all the quality measures expected and also surpass it.

The exact quality you require which can be charged at skyrocket prices from other firms can now be gotten from us at very low cost. So if you want the ultimate BEST and top quality performance at all times, you can count on us as you also enjoy huge competitive benefits


Egypt is blessed with special human resources in various walks of life and with our company being duly registered and recognized as a dynamic business entity, clients needing for outsourcing service which help them to achieve them targets by implementing them projects easily do so in a very inexpensive way.

About Us

At I-waves – we are a group of world-class experts and from the basis of a leading freelancing & Business Process outsource "BPO" company in Technical Fields. The company was established in 2012 in Egypt and ever since then we have served several nations across the globe, making some of the best technical project exports to other countries and clients from our country Egypt.

I-waves, is totally dedicated and passionate about its operations and services - and this makes us able to apply some of the world’s best management skills to implement cutting edge products and projects for clients. This passion that we have in business is what completely makes us liable and loyal to our customers. We feel each product is our baby and must be nurtured to peak development!


Egypt as an investment area in development field:

Investing in Egypt is highly viable as the nation is a well-diversified economy that is resilient to outer and internal shocks.

Its political transition is succeeding progressively, opening the podium for vibrant economic recovery in all quarters and human resources.

It has a colorful paradigm shift in fiscal policy, has very flexible monetary management system, unparalleled privileges for private foreign direct investments, has a thriving stock market and has huge focus on mammoth projects and energy adequacy.

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